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Hello there! We're Mike & Laurie Wilson... and we're honored that you are here. We can't wait to hear from you!


So let's just say it: We do not have a fancy website. Much like our taste in music, it is simple, straight-forward and a little stuck in the early 2000s - and we're so okay with that. From the beginning, our whole focus has always been, and still is, on GREAT photography. We don't care to spend our time designing websites - we want to spend it bettering our craft - to better capture you in your moment. Still, if you find yourself with a strong hankerin' for a fancy website to "ooh and ahh" over, we can recommend some expensive photography websites. ;-) 


Moving along. 


I'm a Michigan girl, and Mike is a Florida boy. After meeting & marrying in St. Petersburg, Florida, we now find ourselves raising our two little girls in the great state of Tennessee, and couldn't be happier for it. I am the creative force behind the business, and Mike is the MAN behind the curtain making it all happen smoothly. From the beginning, our approach to photography has never been to just 'make a pretty picture', but rather to harness glorious light, tie it to a beautiful, fleeting moment, and create little time capsules for our clients. We want to move something in you when you look at your images... we want to help you see how beautiful your life is- how beautiful YOU are. While we do understand the power in all styles of photography, our passion isn't found in a cute Pinterest pose, in the perfect outfit, or the 'Say Cheese' smile - but rather in documenting the raw, natural beauty that sometimes reveals itself *only* in candor. That is what makes us feel alive. 


Now... let's grab a drink, and talk about your wedding day.



The Wilsons